Proximity Cards and Proximity Card Readers

Proximity cards are employed extensively by companies that want to control the physical areas their staff is in a position to access. A proximity card is issued to each employee and proximity card readers are positioned in appropriate physical locations. Each employee must then pass their proximity card close to the proximity reader to reach the physical area.

The proximity card reader receives the details stored on the card, that’s then transmitted to the computer network. It will be the computer which will see whether an individual will be given accessibility to restricted area, or if access will probably be denied, according to earlier configurations. Proximity cards undoubtedly are a form of smart cards that controls access.

These smart cards offer both physical access control, and logical access control. Proximity cards are utilized lots operating, since they permit the employer to provide usage of besides physical areas, but also computer networks, along with other resources with the company. Areas of some type of computer network can be done accessible or blocked dependant upon an employee’s clearance. Including be used for less complicated tasks such as web authorization, encryption of email, and digital signatures, to name only a few.

Restricted areas could be forbidden towards the tastes employees, which could be implemented with proximity cards; while at the same time providing entry to people who should have access. It may also be just the opposite.

Proximity readers are not hard to fit, and they also contain a quite simple to work with access control system. It truly is encoded in a fashion that it easily reads and reacts to electronic signals that are sent because of the card and received because of the reader. Proximity cards don’t have to come directly talking to the various readers. You will be as far as one inch away from the reader and this will be in the position to read it. They are used usually in parking garages. With that being said, you can find a couple of readers which need the proximity card in the future touching the reader’s magnetic face.

Distance proximity technology provides a good deal of convenience, specifically in door technology. These systems make you out-of-the-way than the usual inch. It’s like walking with an unlocked door, yet it is exactly the opposite – as secure as Fort Knox. A credit size card can be kept in an employee’ brief case, wallet, purse, or maybe a pocket so when the employee walks after dark door it automatically unlocks.

Power outages don’t generally pose a problem for the proximity readers, because they either have a very battery back up system or sometimes they use rechargeable batteries. Therefore you never need to worry your system becomes vulnerable if the power goes out.

HID ISO Prox II cards can be a popular choice in proximity cards. They feature 125 kHz technology, ISO standards, gloss finish, and there are in excess of 137 billion possible codes. Programmable photo ID relies upon utilizing a smart card.

Security proximity technology may be matched to your needs of your respective company, no matter what the dimensions of your business. Fraxel treatments may be installed at a cost that’s affordable, and precisely since you need it. When industry is worried about in general, plus the security with their business, proximity card systems makes excellent sense.

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