Destination Surabaya – The Greatest Place

On your own vacation to this breathtaking, histrionic capital city of Indonesia, you’re sure to go spellbound by the opulence and magnanimity that Surabaya bestows on its tourists and citizens alike. Splendid sandy beaches with shimmering white sands, all down the coastal regions of this Port City uplifts the aesthetical self within you, even though the oodles of daring activities that you can enjoy attracts all adventure aficionados all over the world. The main beach, Kenjeran Beach is one of the most marvelous attractions in the city, enticing travelers towards the picturesque beauty and countless aquatic events namely, surfing, sailing, swimming, and fishing. Moreover, if you wish to pamper yourself amidst the dazzling sunny ambience, indulge in some sunbathing, while not missing out on the innumerable roadside gourmet options and restaurants aligned down the coastline.

In case you go vacationing in the Heroic City, where the Battle of Surabaya is extolled till date, you can not find a way to lose out on the legion of monuments, mosques and historical edifices, that augments its ethnic culture and endows Surabaya with a distinctive aura of the company’s own. One particular unsurpassable memorabilia may be the Tugu Pahlawan or perhaps the Heroic Monument, standing high at 50 meters with its unique colossal upturned nail structure to honor those valiant soldiers who became martyrs on the gory war. If you need to enlighten yourself a little more about this war, the exhibition held in closeness will transform one to days gone by from the imbrued battle.

Bring your kids along to one of the very delightful sites inside the city and the largest of its kind within the whole of South-East Asia- the Surabaya Zoo, famously referred to as Kebun Bonbin. The zoo that is ready to accept the population every single day from 7 in the morning to five later in the day is definitely an enthralling experience to endure. The varied array of animals- orangutans, elephants, giraffes, tigers, crocodiles, bears, camels along with the bizarre Komodo Dragons are certain to please you out with family a fun-filled one.

The staunch religious part of Surabaya get reflected in the zillions of mosques and relics that stick out within their unique charisma. In fact, Surabaya houses the main synagogue from the whole of the country. The Grand Mosque as well as the Cheng H Mosque are two landmark names from the religious good the location. At the cultural side, the outstanding museums and monuments support its rich tradition, customs and festivity. Whether it be the Jales Veva Jaya Mahe Monument glorifying the Indonesian Navy, the Monkasel or even the Submarine Monument or perhaps the Heroic Monument, you will get to witness an absolutely different part of the city’s culture with each edifice.

Gourmands and connoisseurs of food should never forget to go to the famous Food Street in the city- the G-Walk on your trip. Located in the Citraland, the G-Walk is just the place for foodies with all of varieties of Asian, Western and Chinese delicacies in the restaurants and food stalls filling the surroundings using their divine aromas. Moreover, if you get to remain back for the night, you will definitely not desire to leave the vivacious nightlife and vibrant ambience how the youthful G-Walk dons on.

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