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Cox’s Bazar is one of the best and famous tourist spots in Bangladesh. The main source of economy in Cox’s Bazar is tourism. Numerous foreigners and Bangladeshi natives visit this coastal city annually. cheap tour packages from Bangladesh of hotels, guest houses and motels have been built in the city and coastal region due to the places of interest

Most people are linked to hospitality and customer support orientated businesses.Variety of “5 Star Hotels” becoming built-in Cox’s bazar climbs to 47 and rising. Many people are also involved in fishing because of their livelihood. Various kinds of Oyster, Snail, Pearl along with their ornaments are very liked by tourists in seaside and city stores. Lots of people are also mixed up in transportation business for tourists.

Cox’s Bazar can be mostly of the major spots for aquaculture in Bangladesh. In addition to Khulna, it’s considered a serious source of revenue from foreign exchanges. Beside a variety of small-scale agriculture, marine and inland fishing and salt production is also another industrial sources from this region that play important roles inside the national economy.
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