Essential Information Concerning Puppies

Puppies are the cutest creatures on earth! Average size puppies usually weigh 0.5-1.4 kilograms while bigger puppies weigh 6.8 – 10 kilograms. Experts consider puppyhood the main stage in dogs’ life; they learn a lot of things within a few months. In this period the dogs start to comprehend what’s safe what is actually dangerous for the children (and it will be very hard to change those perceptions later on). In this article I am going to discuss several important advices for raising puppies (and in addition add very cute puppies’ pictures):

Vet Care. To start with, take your puppy for the vet (It is right for any other form of pet). There your pup will get comprehensive examination and required vaccinations. Also request nutritional information and health instructions.

Prepare your home. Make your home adequate for puppies. Remove obstacles/items that can harm a puppy, and make sure the stairs are unreachable for him until adulthood. Buy a comfortable dog bed and teach him what its purpose is.

Expose a puppy around the world. Give your puppy come in contact with anything he’ll be exposed in adulthood, including: people, other dogs and pets, common seems like dogs barking or even a working laundry machine and of course being handled and caressed. Moreover, don’t allow a puppy do just about anything you wouldn’t like him to complete just as one adult. Without letting him know he behaved badly, nothing would change and he won’t do away with his undesirable habits.

Be gentle and respectful. Don’t scare a puppy! Your intimidating actions are able to turn later on into traumas and phobias. Allow him to feel safe and not frightened surrounding you. Also, don’t punish your puppy. Yelling, cursing or hitting doesn’t teach any dog of nearly every age how to behave well. Train your dog; teach him exactly what a good behavior is to use full respect to him. In the end – you bought/adopt him simply because you love dogs!

Teach him what things to chew/eat. It is very important to instruct your pup precisely what is intended to be chewed (like toys, snacks and canine) what is not (it has an infinite quantity of examples). Make sure the puppy is supplied with many toys which might be chewable. Also make sure he doesn’t grab poop or anything he shouldn’t eat when you take him out to get a walk. Prevent such a habits as a way to eliminate them down the road.

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