3 Factors To Think About While Selecting Your Marketing Automation Tools

If you’re a novice to marketing automation, you should consider how you and your team should adopt those automated processes correctly. Considering how a marketing automation market is growing with increased adoption rates, it is advisable to ensure automation is completed efficiently.

Clearly, many industries are adopting marketing automation software and technology tools; these are few vital stuff that you’ll want to take into account while making your alternatives:

1. Don’t automate bad processes and avoid outsourced lists

Map your marketing processes that bring customers and leads thoroughly. Flow of leads through the funnel, including allocation as well as their sources are key. Hence, map those properties accurately. Be sure that the members of your team that run these processes are on-board with any changes that such automation will bring to their day-to-day work. Appointing an alteration manager (champion) who’s an advertising process specialist you will save time and cash. Identify and eliminate poor processes – fix the process before you can automate it.

2. Avoid outsourced lists and automate lead qualification to keep compliant

Avoid buying subscriber list and sending them automated email campaigns. These will fail and be harmful for resolve. Especially now, with GDPR, this could get your business in a ton of trouble. Automation tools could be a life-saver using inbuilt measures to make sure that several of your processes are compliant with all the new laws. Having said that, the software program is surely an only enabler and you have to do the work to be compliant. To increase assist the process, concentrate on creating exciting content that will motivate people to sign up for your content offerings (say, eBooks and animated GIFs) and create + improve your own opt-in database that could deliver better lead conversion.

Email databases will expire as the years roll by so it’s imperative that you keep generating new leads with a higher rate compared to expiry rate; which can be about 25% annually. To create new leads, you’ll want to consistently create better content, design interesting calls-to-actions &landing pages, write engaging blogs and optimise your internet site for the search engines like google. Automation is great for nurturing leads, however, you should generate those leads first for the following factor to happen.

3. Don’t allow fancy features fool you

When deploying a marketing automation to your requirements, never allow fancy features fool you. Each software will have different learning curve, and perhaps using a software with an easier UI might speed up processes. But, whether or not this doesn’t solve your marketing process related (specific) problems, then it most likely are not the application to suit your needs.

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