Buy and be scammed at

Today I do want to let you know the case of the internet site Supposedly it’s an internet site where you are able to buy resources and plugins for WordPress in an entirely legal way and at a reduced price. Normally you are able to access some very expensive extensions at a good price, and also with free updates for a couple of years.

However, the truth is far from that. When you obtain a plugin or extension you receive the version they’ve in those days, which doesn’t need to be the latest, and then you may well never receive any updates. Personally, I have felt ripped off by the person behind this website.

My requests for a computer software update have been continuous, and I haven’t gotten a response. Everytime I have opened a help ticket requesting these updates it’s been closed without any further action, and I have never received any updates. If the software you have purchased has major changes which make it incompatible with some other software you’re using or with the WordPress version itself, you will can just buy it from official sources and you could have lost your hard earned money, plain and simple.

Therefore, be very alert to the above and avoid buying any software from This can be a web scam where you will end up wasting your time, time and money. The person behind this project is just a scammer and desires to take advantage of people who believe the message he advertises on his website, but it’s only empty words without any real content that will never be fulfilled or satisfied.

I have now been a prey of this individual, and I am publishing this information to avoid others from falling into exactly the same trap. is to not be trusted and you can’t trust this site with your own time, not to mention your money.

I am hoping that when you yourself have seriously evaluated the chance of buying something here you’ve had the opportunity to learn this informative article in time and energy to avoid the loss and look for additional options that offer trust and credibility. Many thanks quite definitely for your own time and if I have now been able to help you with this content I’m very glad.

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