Guidelines for Personal Health and Hygiene

The helpful suggestions within this guide could be beneficial if you are able to train it often.So take the time to understand each of them first to determine should they be suitable for you. When it comes to health, we need to all work hard at it. And being healthy is and always has been of a change your life style. Like anything else, Health is one area that individuals all have to strive and work for it. “There is not any free lunch” comes to mind and is much more while it comes to achieving our overall health golds. And trust me… in addition there are no short-cuts. So make sure, and remember that the health insurance happiness will bring joy to folks surrounding you and who look after your well-being.


We need to not drink greater than 3-4 units of alcohol each day for males. For ladies, this should actually be at most 2-3 units. One alcohol unit roughly means 10ml of pure alcohol in an alcohol beverage. As being a general guideline, for Ciders and Beer, only 2-3units. For Wine, at most 2 units. For Spirits, a maximum of 1 unit, and for wine coolers, only 1.5 units. (Observe that these are generally general guidelines)

TIP #2) Keep the HANDS CLEAN

How you can wash hand with liquid soap properly.

Abstracted from Victoria state government Australia.

Plenty of diseases are distributed from contaminated hands. Clean hand save lives.

TIP #3) Stop smoking cigarettes

Pick up the courage to take the starting point. Quit smoking today!

Desire to stop smoking but having difficulty doing this? Below are great tips for you to consider trying;

1) Identify and steer clear of situation that can trigger you to smoke. Use a plan to avoid or complete without smoking. E.g., don’t use the stairways should you always smoke there.

2) Delay your longing for tobacco by telling yourself to wait further matter of minutes first, make a move to distract yourself to the period of time.

3) Chew something to combat craving like nicotine gum, lozenges, nuts, raw vegetables.

4) Do more regular activities to keep yourself preoccupied; exercise, do chores, sports games.

5) Practice relaxation techniques instead of smoking when stress.

6) Get support from family, friends, organizations, reminding the particular important things about quitting smoking.


A normal adult need around 7-9 hours respite. Sleep increases what you can do to concentrate don’t forget new information, improves your mood & lessen your stress. It may help to maintain healthy weight and improves your speed and agility & coordination. Generate a consistent sleep & wake schedule today!


Excuses have you employed your annual medical check-up yet? Early detection can help to conserve your live.


Exercise helps to enhance your immune system, maintain a healthy weight. It improves your mood, improve your energy. It reduces stress, enables you to feel more confident and positive. It sharpens your mind, enables you to sleep better. If you prefer exercising that the gym has, ensure you clock in some time doing aerobic exercises for about 20-30 minutes per day (minimum 3 times a week is suggested).


In the event the Winter holiday arrives, and thus does flu. Here is some pointers to stop flu beside drinking a lot of fluid everyday You may also take food like mushroom, sweet potatoes, garlic, wild salmon, chocolate brown, almond, strawberries to boost your immune system against flu viruses.

TIP #8) How to deal with YOUR INSOMNIA

Sleep quality ensures better health, mood and satisfaction. Here are several approaches to help falling asleep easier;

Exercise in daytime. Avoid caffeine and alcohol during the night.

Have a light dinner 2-4 hours when it is bedtime. Pull the plug on TV and computer within your bedroom. Maintain 70 degrees cool (around 21 degree Celsius), have a warm bath prior at the same time. Using lavender essence in bath oils and soaps is a good idea towards receiving a great nights rest. After the bath, try and dim your bedroom lights (or shut off all your lights if you prefer) before you go to sleep. For certain people, playing some soft soothing music could help while other people will desire a quiet sleeping.environment.

Drinking a top quality(authentic) chamomile tea may also help you sleep better. Avoid sugary and coffee before bedtime – example coffee and certain kinds of caffeinated tea.


There’ll tend to be feasts after feasts. Here are some ideas how you can enjoy your feast gathering without overeating:

Do not skip meals/fast prior to feast. Take only healthy snacks like raw vegetables, nuts, and fruits a high level little hungry.

Eat food less in salt, oil, refined sugar, processed.

Start your meals by subtracting food low in calories then to higher later. e.g; begin with soup, salad, lean protein, you will be quite full by dessert when it’s possible to feel satisfied simply with a couple of bites (3).

Take one serving only, decline second helpings politely but firmly.

Avoid alcohol, try sparkling water instead. Reduce smoking

Make sure you continue your workout during this festive season as well.

Lastly, try and benefit from the party and not pinpoint the food instead. In 2010 is around getting together, sharing joy and happiness in fact.


Feeling groggy each morning?

Here are a couple suggestions how you can feel fresh every day;

Drink a glass or a couple of water once you wake.

Perform some stretching or aerobic workouts.

Try Meditation or relaxation exercise.

Cook breakfast not heavily full of carbohydrates (try fruits especially citrus, simple proteins like eggs, cheese, yogurt)

Hear songs or soothing sounds

Have a warm shower, but wash the face with cool water instead.

Think about something to make you feel excited about.

Feel grateful for the next new day

TIP #11) Have a great BREAKFAST

An excellent proper breakfast (whole fiber, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, dairy) is very important for your health.

An excellent breakfast really helps to kickstart your day, improving your metabolism.

Commemorate to sense of fresh and fewer grouchy, elevating your mood.

A proper breakfast enables you to focus while keeping focused better, making it possible to think and solve problems easier.

A normal breakfast also helps in reducing cravings and making unhealthy diet. It may help in controlling excess fat.

TIP #12) Steer clear of GETTING BODY ODORS

Keep your body clean constantly is really a basic social etiquette that everyone should follow – if you have been outdoors and have perspired, do dry yourself of course, if possible, have a shower. Sweat contains body salts and oils and this can cause body odors to develop. Bacteria on the skin surface can also cause body odors to occur. Armpits and other body parts are perfect places where bacteria love to multiply and moisture enables them to achieve this. So keep your those areas dry as well as lower your chanced of developing bad body odors.


Keep squeaky clean
Use anti-bacterial soap when having a shower
Towel dry yourself thoroughly
Apply good deodorants and antiperspirants
Maintain your wardrobe clean
Avoid strong smelling foods and drinks
Keep healthy AND FIT!

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